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I am a proud three-time rescue owner and this is my story…

A friend who owned a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier named Charlie first introduced me to the breed. A few years later, I came across the opportunity to purchase a “reject” from a less than reputable kennel here in Fort Lauderdale. The family who purchased the dog had returned her and she had been back at the kennel for 22 days. The kennel owner wanted to get rid of her because she was too old to be sold again as a puppy. Instantly, I fell in love with her, named her Lola on the spot, and brought her home with me.

The second we got home, she literally went under my clothes and refused to come out of the closet. I fed her in there twice a day and only removed her to go for a walk. As soon as we would return home, she would run back into the closet. But, that was ok with me. I knew she felt safe in there and I wanted to nurture on her terms her until I gained her trust.

Little by little Lola came out of her shell and out from under the clothes until she blossomed into a beautiful Wheaten young lady. I was very fortunate at the time to work from home and had all the time in the world to spend with Lola. Very soon, my little girl became my officemate and queen of my home.

About a year later, I was alerted by another friend about a Wheaten Terrier picnic taking place here in Broward County. And so, Lola and I put on our best attire and headed to the picnic with a mission. We wanted to find Lola a brother or sister.

The picnic was organized by the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Greater Tampa Bay and there I met Melissa Nelson who offered to help me find Lola a housemate. Imagine my happiness when Melissa called a few weeks later to tell me there was a male dog available in Orlando. And, if I wanted him the rescue group would transfer him to Miami. I said YES! without hesitation and began the adoption process.

A week later, Lola and I drove down to Miami to meet Weston. This little boy was so skinny you could see his ribs. And, because he was so matted, the rescue coordinator had to shave him. So, what I met looked nothing like what I expected. But, Weston had an irresistible smile and I knew right away we had found the newest member of our family.

Weston became Baxter. And, after a few weeks of training and perseverance he learned his new name. Soon enough, we fell into a nice routine that included many rides in the car and visits to the park.

Time flew for a couple of years. I would stay in touch with Melissa via e-mail and share photos of “the kids” with her. One day, I received a phone call from someone I knew and who was looking to surrender his Wheaten Terrier. Naturally, I asked him to bring the dog to me so I may turn him over to the club’s rescue group.

Nothing prepared me for what I encountered. This poor Wheaten had both ears infected, terrible skin problems, bad teeth, a horrible haircut, and a broken spirit. I called Melissa and told her I was going to keep him for a week and “get him back into shape” before turning him over to her for enrolling into the rescue program. A week later, Lucky Charms (what an ironic name) had become Charlie and had made himself at home with Lola, Baxter and I. So, I called Melissa again and told her that Charlie had already found a home and would not be enrolling into the rescue program.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Because life has a funny way of dealing cards to us, never in a million years would I have thought I would end up rescuing three Wheaten Terriers. But, I would not trade it for anything.

Since adopting Charlie, I have taken an active role in the rescue efforts of the SCWTCGTB assisting Melissa and Debie, the club's rescue coordinators. One of my greatest pleasures is to go back and look at the rescue galleries. They remind me of the joy “my kids” bring to my life and how I could not live without them. I am sure every adoptive parent in each gallery feels the same way.

I hope you enjoy looking at the rescue photos. They are a great reminder that indeed there are happy endings after all.

From left to right: Lola, Charlie, and Baxter.



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